Alberto Malisani



Pastor Alberto is married to Diana and has 3 children, Florencia, Fiorella, and Benjamin.

Pastor Alberto speaks four languages. He was born in Argentina, his primary language is Spanish language, but he also speaks Portuguese, Danish, and English.

He was a missionary for 13 years in Paraguay and also a pastor for over 10 years in Denmark. 

Pastor Alberto is a music-conservatory teacher, he has a degree in choirs and a symphony orchestras conduction. He has been a member of several symphony orchestras, conducting choirs, symphony orchestras, and operas in Europe and South America for a period of years.

He was the “Executive Director” of the “Copenhagen Culture Centre” in Copenhagen, Denmark developing the idea of using “Art & Music” as an integration tool for immigrants receiving a grant of financial support from the Royal House of Denmark and from other well-known institutions.

In August 2019, Pastor Alberto became the Executive Pastor of Grace Church helping to navigate the leadership transition at our congregation.


Since October 2020, after much prayer and considerations, the Board of Elders decided to call pastor Alberto as the Lead Pastor of Grace Church.


We are grateful for pastor Alberto´s work among us as he leads Grace Church to a new season of restoration and reconstruction after the COVID-19 crisis.

Email: Pastor-Alberto@GraceDHS.org


Bobby Umaña

Bobby is a graduate of the College of the Desert, in Palm Desert CA as an "Associate of Arts" and also has a "Bachelor of Music Degree" from Azusa Pacific University CA.

Pastor Bobby is the primary preacher of the "English worship service" every Sunday morning and responsible for the Anglo part of the congregation. He leads the Youth, the kids and connection with Grace Church´s new comers.


Robert "Bobby" Umaña, has a pastoral heart,  having many years of experience serving God as a Youth Leader, Youth Ministry Director, Worship Leader, and Youth Pastor.

Bobby is married to Amy Umaña, since December 12, 2020. 


Bobby is a great musician who loves "Jazz & Blues" and a great worship leader. He is also is a great Bible teacher connecting his teaching very well with youth's everyday challenges and problems.  He has a "friendly personality", making it easier  to connect with him, creating a friendship very soon. 

Bobby has been connected with Grace Church for many years, but now during Grace Church's new season after the COVID-19 crisis, Bobby started as a full-time ministry helping our congregation move forward following God´s vision for this congregation.

Email: rumana16@apu.edu