(For Elementary School & Kindergarten)

Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM, we meet around the Bible having a great time with games, constructive activities, art crafts, and other kids of the same age!

The AWANA PROGRAM is led by

Jocelyn & Don Sweet.

Join us with your kids and enjoy one night around the Bible, friendship, and fellowship.

AWANA PROGRAM: Wednesday at 7:00 PM

TARGET GROUP: Middle School & Kinder

PLACE: Green Room

TEACHER: Don and Jocelyn Sweet

*Child care provided


(Bible Study Group)

Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM, we meet around the Bible to learn about God and make friends. 

This group is led by pastor Bobby Umaña.

He is a friendly "youth-minded leader" with years of experience teaching and coaching "TEENS & YOUTH" with a pastoral heart.

This meeting runs every Wednesday at the same time as other activities for the entire family. Join us together with your kids and enjoy one night around the Bible and fellowship.

TEENS & YOUTH: Wednesday at 7:00 PM

TARGET GROUP: Teens and Young Adults

PLACE: Fellowship Room*

TEACHER: Bobby Umaña*

*Child care provided



(Saturday School of Music & Arts)

Every Saturday morning we meet for the "MUSIC CLUB & ARTS ACADEMY".

 Our facilities are full of noises, music arts and people walking or running from one class group to the next class group. 

The SATURDAY MORNING MUSIC CLUB has a large team of teachers and volunteers helping students of all ages to achieve the dream of "play a musical instrument". This year we added the program of dance arts and choreography expressions.  

The MUSIC CLUB is bilingual and is open to the entire community regardless of your background. 

ESTUDIO BIBLICO: Saturdays, 9 am till 1 pm. 

PLACE: All our facilities

PRINCIPAL: Alberto Malisani


(Spanish Language Bible Study for adults)

Cada miércoles el Pastor Alberto nos trae una exposición interactiva acerca de un tema determinado de las Escrituras. 

Dedicamos tiempo para responder a preguntas sobre dudas relacionadas con el tema Bíblico selecionado. Desarrollamos temas de actualidad que afectan nuestro crecimiento espritual personal, a nuestra pareja, a la familia y toda la sociedad.

ESTUDIO BIBLICO: Wednesday at 7:00 PM

PLACE: Main Hall*

TEACHER: Pastor Alberto

*Child care provided


(For adults)

Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM, after the worship service, you are welcome to stay over and join our "SUNDAY SCHOOL" where we will face different subjects according to the Scriptures.

SUNDAY SCHOOL: Sunday 10:30 am

PLACE: Fellowship Room*

TEACHER: Several teachers

*Child care provided


Girl with Gingerbread Man