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“Therefore,  if  anyone  is  in  Christ,  the

                                                                        new  crea on  has  come:  The  old  has
                                                                        gone, the new is here!” (2 Corinthians 5:17).


     PASTOR’S  CORNER                                                    A message from Pastor Alberto

             Alberto Malisani, one of Grace                     Pastor Alberto Malisani is on a quest to know the will of
     Church's Pastors, is our head music di-                    God in relation to reaching a new generation with its own
                                                                sets of questions. “The old is behind us. We must know
     rector.  “Of all my gifts and talents, I know              what works and how to accomplish the mission God has
     that ministering by music is my greatest                   entrusted to us”, says Alberto. There is no “sacred book” of
     passion.  I love my work and know my place, says Alber-    answers that we can fall back on. We have to get what we
     to”. Alberto attributes his success to being anointed by   need from God’s Holy Spirit to reach the lost and hungry.
     Jesus to fulfill this calling.  He does this with great joy and   Many in our land are tired and disillusioned of what they’ve

     assurance.  He has other talents and opportunities to do   seen from past generations of ministers. Examples, to
                                                                name a few, are money making schemes that manipulate
     other things, but he chooses the one that will bring Jesus   the Word of God, false recognition, and those seeking vain
     the greatest glory.  As Jesus said to the Father, “Not my   glory through performance based activities. Many people
     will, but yours be done.” To Pastor Alberto, this brings the   are becoming hungry for reality in Christ. They are desiring
     greatest fulfillment.                                      for Him to be real to them. Can you hear them asking:
                                                                “Where is the God of Moses? Where is the God of Elijah?
             We are ministers and members of the Body of        Is there no balm in Gilead?”
     Christ and must seek His revelation for this new genera-          Alberto’s prayer is that we, as a church, will have
     tion.  We cannot rely and cling to past moves and experi-  and possess what they are seeking. The coming week of
     ences.  We need something fresh and relevant from God.     prayer in January will be a time of consecration,
                                                                commitment and refreshment. In Biblical times, Israel’s
     As Jesus said, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto   priests and prophets would call for a solemn assembly for
     me.”  Pastor Alberto is seeking God to truly know how      all God’s people to get right with Him and with each other.
     and what it will take to lift Christ up.  His desire is that he
     can do this through his life and music.                                        Every generation is asking new sets
     Speaking of the new crop of the Mil-                                           of questions. Being ready and pre-
                                                                                    pared to answer them will redefine
     lennial generation, we need a fresh                                            our purpose individually and as a
     and relevant message, says Alberto.                                            church. When this happens, we are
     “Every generation seeks answers to                                             no longer focused on our own needs,
     its own set of questions.. My prayer is                                        but see and are passionate about
     that we will have them to give them.”                                          working in a field that is ripe
                                                                                    for a harvest.
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